Welcome to the online home of Promark, suppliers of textile, clothing and Leather products since 1988.


Our mission is to:

Supply high quality, affordable clothing.
Establish a trustworthy relationship with our clients.
Conform to fashionable simplistic designs without sacrificing comfort.
Provide excellent before and after service to existing and prospective clients.

Manufacturing and Supply:

For more than a decade, Promark has established relationships with a number of textile and leather goods suppliers and manufactures. Thus enabling us to deliver the best products within budget and timeframe.

Product Range:

The (S&H) Stevenson Hamilton range consists mainly of the following:

1. Shirts
2. Trousers
3. Hats: Leather and Material
4. Leather Belts
5. S&H Camo Range of Clothing

Why use the S&H Camo?

Our Camouflage range of clothing was developed in South Africa and is also manufactured in South Africa. It is effectively used in all types of vegetation. The range is steadily growing and becoming a household name amongst PH’s, Anti-poaching units as well as everyday use for the International Trophy Hunter and the local hunter.

Our pattern consist of (11) eleven different animal and animal skin patterns skilfully blended into the background of the Acacia tree pattern. See if you are able to spot the giraffe, hyena, elephant trunk, two birds on a branch, zebra skin, etc.

The Stevenson Hamilton Logo:

SH logoThe Logo depicts the rising sun of Mpumalanga, one of South Africa's nine provinces and home of the Kruger National Park. The dividing curve between the sunrise and the typical giraffe print, which incidentally is the only land mammal exclusively found in Africa and, pays homage to conservation in Southern Africa and suggest the abundance of rivers and streams that feed the area.IMG 8


Skukuza is the Tsonga name for James Stevenson-Hamilton, first warden of the Sabie Game Reserve, forerunner of the Kruger National Park (1902). Literally translated, it means "he who sweeps clean" and refers to Stevenson-Hamilton's efforts to control poaching in the early days.Stevenson-Hamilton was a driving force behind the establishment of the Kruger National Park, and saw his efforts rewarded when the park was proclaimed in 1926.

The commitment and dedication of James Stevenson Hamilton inspired us at Promark to brand our high quality clothing as "Stevenson Hamilton" wear. In concept it serves merely as homage to the Father of the Kruger National Park, keeping his legacy as conservationist intact.


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